"They've got beards and they've got tattoos. And I'll tell you something honey, that means trouble. A wild, daring trouble."
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So fast question, what would these guys be considered? I know their are not hipster or anything like that... it has been bothering me for a while now not knowing what to call these gentlemen

I’m not sure if there’s any singular term, so my response will not be a fast answer. I would say that many of them are part of the “Heritage” scene. That means they look for iconic brands that are made with the highest quality materials, typically these are also products that are made in the USA (though England-made Dr. Martens would probably qualify). The most common brands I can think of are Red Wing Shoes (I live in MN where these are made, even the leather tannery is located near the factory in Red Wing) and Levi’s (though for Levi’s, the premium heritage brand denim can only be found in specialty shops—I work at a mainline Levi’s store and our products are mostly made in Asia and the Middle East). Basically any company with long roots (Levi’s has been around since 1873, Red Wing Shoes since 1905, Dr. Martens since 1947) who still make products they made way back when. 

The Heritage ethos is sort of an odd beast. It’s a mix of working class man and sailor tattoos from the early 20th century,  Rebel Without a Cause wear and hair treatments from the mid-20th century, and modern fit style (i.e. Skinny jeans). It has sort of cherry-picked everything popularly deemed “cool.” 

I hope that helps, I’m definitely not a fashion or scene expert!